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The TF2RP is a roleplay group based on Tegaki.

This is an application-only group for Team Fortress 2 original characters. Apps are now open forever!

The wiki is a place to reference characters and past roleplays, upload art, and bother one another. Help out by adding any logs you may have saved! Our previous wiki page got killed in a freak accident and all the information it contained got lost. We are slowly trying to build it up again! Notice that a page that is pretty empty? Feel free to contribute and add a character bio and stuff!

There is now a forum!




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January 19th 2014 - The chat room tf2 on irc:// is back up and running! If irc:// doesn't work for you, try irc:// , for some reason that works for some folks...

December 28th 2013 - We had our annual art trade reveal! Take a look at our tumblr to see all the art:

Summer 2013 - Please note that while we are still using the same chat server ( irc:// ) we are temporarily using #tf2rp as the main chat room. Also, apps are now open forever! 

January 10 2013 - There is now an RP forum for all your long term, conflicting timezone rps! Exciting!

December 27 2012 - The 2012 Art Trade reveal happened! It was amazing! Yay! THANK YOU MARR!!

July 27 2012 - Cosplay/Lookalike page added! Fill'er on up~!

July Something or Otherish 2012 - Art Deco Dressup Doll Baton! Go make one, it's fun!

July 11 2012 - Accepted apps have been announced! New guys, stop by chat so we can get to know you! Old guys, we miss you, so you come too!

June 2012 - Apps open July 1st!

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